What We Do

Making your brand a household word

Shazaaam works as an extension of our clients’ marketing departments to assemble, drive and manage the teams that implement clever tactics to achieve and surpass business and organizational goals.

We were pioneers of convergence marketing, realizing a long time ago, that both traditional and non-traditional marketing communications platforms add value and synergies to campaigns, while sharpening our clients’ competitive edge. We don’t just help our clients get the job done. We redefine and reinvent the job. And get it done right.

Because there is no one way to reach a market…because audiences are fragmented, splintered and definable to a “market of one”… and because no one can afford the indulgence of the “30-seconds-of-fame-on-the-SuperBowl-ad” mentality, we have recruited in-house expertise in a broad spectrum of electronic, interactive, traditional, new, tried and true, never done before tools and techniques. From PR legends to electronic whiz kids, our staff is a blend of everything you need to succeed in today’s “mixed-bag” marketing mélange.

We’ll support your vision, mission, business plan, marketing and communications strategies with every trick in the book and some that haven’t been written yet. We invite you to click on our competency list to view specific services we offer and the subset of tools that support them.

If you have a particular project that’s keeping you up at night, run it by us for free and find out how a Shazaaam! marketing communications program might help. We’ll provide an objective, no-obligation marketing communications assessment that specifically relates to your business needs. All you have to do is complete our online assessment form.